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One poem

One poem one poem is a dream of Red Mansions in an episode, but the contact on one life experience ,this episode depicts is the author of quite sophisticated arrangements. Zhiyanzhai have incisive analysis ,said :&quot ;if she is not to attack people, foundation exploration ,appearance is not let Feng Qin ,end ,not let Wan Chai, romantic but not let Xiang Dai, but don ,Xi juvenile suffer misfortune ,the fate of good Jian ,for the side .
And he read, not with the Lin Xiang generation and relaxation in Begonia ear .But this one will not enter the park is so .At the end of the day ,the gap ,plan four ,getting admission will stay brother away before the .
&quot ;she is appearing in the earliest novels has kidnapped female ,since childhood ,teenager Xue Pan strong was stay overlord buy as a concubine ;later, now his wife ,one summer ,her fate is worse ,soon after being tortured to death .
Forty write back she died of dystocia ,does not conform to the original design of Cao Xueqin .In the list ,she was deputy list first ,visible is the important character .The author wrote her poems ,but also to raise her identity ,increase the reader impression of her .
So ,when she was cruel fate tortured to death ,made more intense tragic .One poem, can be divided into three steps. First is worshipped her as a teacher, and under the guidance of Wang Weishi in her savor ;followed by reading the poems of Du Fu ,while trying to poetry ;the third is experiencing failure two times ,finally succeeded.
She makes the first poem more naive ,language and straightforward, the previous chant on conventional words together ,gather pieces. The biggest problem is not one ,the whole poem expression ,nothing new .
Used in the poem the &quot ;&quot &quot ;Yu Jing Bay ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,the ice tray ;rhetoric is stale, so she said &quot ;he was bound ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Enron _ Sina blog,&quot ;that is not from a jump out. Second of her poems are improved, can use &quot ;floral &quot ;&quot ;&quot light cream ;analogy ,and &quot by &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;curtain ;the scene such as contrast ,gradually open hands.
But I &quot ;&quot ;&quot the jade column ;&quot ;words still have the old atmosphere ,and the whole poem in Yong moon and not the moon itself ,some people ,so she said &quot ;this song is part of the &quot ;third poems .
She is like this: the essence to mask material should be difficult, since the shadow soul from the cold .An anvil on thousands of miles white ,half round chicken singing that green and residue.
Jiang Shangqiu Wen Di ,head of the tea house night leaning against the railing .Should I win the goddess in the moon ,did not make a permanent reunion ?This poem is successful .Except the first ,every word and write ,but sentence and month .
Use a dictionary ,implicitly ,a novel and chic. Especially maxillary joint ,but stable ,simple words .Deep ,is exquisite. The biggest advantages ,one is attuned to their own life, by chanting month pregnant ,reveal one .
This poem is not empty ,but content .One success ,one hand shows her smart and elegant quality ,on the other hand also explains the reason, namely the forty-nine novels writing back all her third poems said &quot ;no is difficult, if you put your heart into &quot ;.
So ,she lived in the Grand View Garden to be right and proper ,her first deputy register is logical .a dream of Red Mansions in many poems ,this is today the reader difficulties. Many people had seen ,thought the author not give serious thought to anything ,it is regrettable .
The book of poetry, is often associated with the story of the com. ,each generation has its own characteristics ,performance of different characters in different ideological character .Some poems ,Adiads Porsche Design,also pointed out that the character and life Shipped home .
As cited one poem third in &quot ;essence mask material to be difficult to &quot ;in one ,the actual present situation. Therefore ,carefully taste the book of poetry ,appreciation is also the fun one.
Cao Xueqin borrow write one poem, also expressed himself to the art of some view. He emphasized the poem must be innovative, to always contain Hing ,cannot let the words interfere with the sense ,this is a kind of unconventional informed understanding.
From the text ,readers can learn to appreciate the Tang poetry author ,such as Wang Wei ,Du Fu ,Li Bai ,Cao Xueqin the right excellent poet .She wants to learn the poem ,not worship around her teacher, but to find her ,this is quite novel reasonable one.
She be a brilliant man of wide learning ,poetry writing is good, but she does not value this ,think &quot ;Germany is the only woman &quot ;but ,she was calm .Don too much trouble ,trivia ,so she is the inconvenience to her learn poems .
But although aloof ,like casual joy together ,but also has a warm and generous side. She instructed not to mind taking the trouble she ,be good at giving systematic guidance ,and concise and comprehensive ,so she can quickly realize the way ,success.
Moreover this performance ,in her character is the other side of the Reflection. From a certain point of view, than she actually was more easy to get along with ,but also more sympathy for the weak .
The text written in the other figures ,such as she ,triploid ,Baoyu ,there is not much, are foil characters .But the author so pale ,is also quite spirit. Such as writing triploid talkative ,she is smart ,consistent with their consistent performance.
Full text is as follows :and said she met after all ,after supper, she went to the lady dowager ,place ,himself to Xiaoxiang Museum .Now Daiyu has good half ,see she also into the garden to live ,since one is joy .
For laughs: &quot ;I came in ,also had free time,, I taught my poem ,is my good fortune !&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;both to a poem, you worship me as a teacher .Although I no ,probably also teach you .
&quot ;she laughed :This is it, &quot ;I will worship you as a teacher .You are not bored .&quot ;Daiyu: &quot ;what is difficult ,it is worth to learn !But is the introduction, in two he is pair of oblique tones ,tone ,virtual to real, real to virtual, if the fruit has a wonderful sentence, even ordinary or not makes .
&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;no wonder I often get an old-style snatch one or two first ,again On the extreme engineering ,and wrong ,and heard that l one three five regardless of ,two four six distinct R.
See the poem also has smooth ,there are two four six wrong ,so every day wondering. Now listen to you say ,the style rules was last things ,as long as the verse novel .&quot ;&quot ;Daiyu: is this truth, words or how last things ,first decides the matter.
If interest really ,you don modification of conjunctions ,since is good ,this is called l r.&quot didn let the words interfere with the sense ;she laughed :&quot ;I only love poems by Lu Fangweng l heavy curtain roll do ,Gu Yanwei concave poly ink R ,said is really interesting !&quot ;Daiyu: &quot ;will not learn this poem by poem .
You know ,I saw this plain love ,in this pattern ,and then learn it .You just listen to me ,if you really want to learn, I have the complete works of you Wang Wei and his five-character law read one hundred poems ,attentive fathom through ,and then read one hundred or two hundred poems old Du seven language law ,and Li Qinglian jueju poem read one hundred or two hundred .
Stomach had the three men as the foundation ,then to Tao Yuanming ,should ,Xie ,Ruan ,cyproheptadine, Bao et al a look. You is a very smart and clever person ,in less than a year Husband ,not anxious is not the Bard !&quot ;she listened, smiled: &quot ;as such ,good girl ,you give the book to me ,I take back the night what song is also good.
&quot ;she heard ,then life will Wang Youcheng bring Zi-Juan five-character law ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,delivery and she said ,:&quot ;you only see a red circle is chosen by me, a song a song .Do not understand to ask you girl ,or to meet me ,me and you are .
&quot ;she took the poem ,Hui Zhiheng Wu Yuan ,all in spite of ,only to light the next a first reading .She urged him to sleep even several times ,he did not sleep .She saw him so painstakingly ,had to let it go .
One day ,Daiyu wash finished, I saw she cheerfully gave the book to Du Lv ,again .She laughs: &quot ;&quot all remember how much ?;she laughed :&quot ;where the red circle I read .
&quot ;Daiyu: &quot ;can enjoy some taste ?&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;appreciate some taste ,is it right? I can say with you ,listen to .&quot ;her laugh: &quot ;to pay attention to discuss ,to grow.
You say to me. &quot ;she laughed :&quot ;according to my opinion ,the benefits of a poem ,say in the mouth does not mean ,want to go to is realistic .It appears On the irrational ,want to have rational beings .
&quot ;her laugh: &quot ;this is interesting ,Cheap Air Force One,but you do not know where to come? &quot ;she laughed :&quot ;I see him plug a song ,the cloud Alliance :l straight smoke in the desert ,the river of yen .
R want to smoke how straight ?Nature is round :the L straight r word like irrational ,l round r word seems too vulgar .Close to ,but as saw this scene .If find two words for the two ,but can not find the two a word.
Then there is l sunset Lake white ,tide and green R: the L RL white green r two characters also seems irrational .Want to come, it will be two words to do ,read in his mouth like thousands of pounds of an olive .
There are more than the L tau ,market .Solitary smoke R: the L R L R word and word ,not how he wanted !We up to that year ,that day of evening Bay living ship ,shore and no one ,only a few trees, far from several people for dinner ,the smoke was green ,Lianyun straight on.
Who knows me yesterday night read the sentences ,but as I went to the place to go to .&quot ;just then ,he and she came too, are also sit to hear him speak poetry .Baoyu smiled :&quot ;as such ,no poem .
Knowing everywhere ,listen to you say this Two ,the L r you got Samadhi .&quot ;&quot ;she laughed :you said this on R L smoke good ,you don him this one or a set of forefathers .
I give you this one to see, more than the pale and readily available. &quot ;and then Tao Yuanming &quot ;warm Yuan village ,Yiyi ruins in tobacco &quot ;turn out, and give one .She looked ,nod to admire ,laughed :&quot ;L R original word is from L ,R on two words out .
&quot ;Baoyu laughed :&quot ;you have won ,not say ,more inverted tuition .You go up ,will be good .&quot ;Tanchun smilled :&quot ;i s a card ,please you into the company .&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;girl you tease me ,I just heart envy ,learning &quot coercivity .
She was all smiles: ;&quot ;who is not stubborn ?Are we serious poetry !If we carefully into a poem ,out of the garden, the tooth also laughs .&quot :&quot ;gem ;it becomes .The day before yesterday I was outside and you are discussed painting, they hear us from poetry, and I sent the manuscript to give them to see.
I wrote a few songs for them to have a look ,who is not really proud. They all copied the moment to .&quot ;she She is busy ask: &quot ;this is the truth ?&quot ;Baoyu smiled :&quot ;lying is the frame of the parakeet .
&quot ;she heard Daiyu ,are :&quot ;you really silly! And dons not a poem ,a poem is ,[] is really flat light.,our words should not to go out .&quot ;gem :" this is afraid of nothing! It in ink not to repeat the boudoir ,now no one know .
&quot ;said, saw Xichun send picturesque come please gem, gem to .She forced her out of Du Lvlai ,and the central proposition two :&quot Daiyu ;a problem ,let me make up to make up for ,to ,I corrected .
&quot ;Daiyu: &quot ;last month best, I was about to make up a song ,was not composed into ,you should make a song .Fourteen cold rhyme ,you love with the words to the .&quot ;she listened to the back ,like poetry ,and his time as a poem ,and to Du Shi ,and read two songs.
So have no appetite ,sitting down. She said: &quot ;why bring trouble on oneself .Are the lucky star that lead you ,he and I accounts to .You originally idiotic ,add this ,more like a nerd .
&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;good girl ,I don mix .&quot ;said ,make a song first side ,with her .Treasure Many see laughs: &quot ;this is not good ,not this practice. Don of urine ,just took him look ,look at what he said .
&quot ;she heard ,so he took poetry find Daiyu. Her look ,but wrote :moon night light transit cold, white shadow round to play .The poet Chang Si ,Ueno customers worry Tim to view.
Jade floor side hung Yu Jing ,pearl curtain hangs the ice tray. The night he burn with a silver candle ,clear color brilliant film bar. She laughed :&quot ;it is just words ,indecent.
Because you see the poem ,he tied the song .If ,My child!,for a song ,although emboldened to .&quot ;she heard ,silently back ,even more of the housing is not only in the pool ,tree ,or sit on the rocks in squatting on the ground ,or pull the earth ,people are surprised.
She ,her ,Tanchun, Baoyu and hear this letter ,is a station on a hillside look at him .He saw a return to the eyebrow ,and his smile back. She laughed :&quot ;this man must be mad !Last night till dawn genius mumble in whispers to sleep ,have a meal time day bright .
I heard him up ,bustling about comb head to find the lucky star that .Come back ,for one day ,made a song is not good ,it will Natural alternative .Baoyu smiled :&quot ;&quot ;l this is a remarkable place produces outstanding people.
R ,old people born again not imaginary Fu feelings .We all sigh unfortunately he such a person was vulgar ,who knows what is today .The visible world to public .&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;as you can his painstaking is good ,what have a .
&quot ;he did not answer. She Hing head to her there .Tanchun smilled :&quot ;we had to see him ,some not .&quot ;then, all to Xiaoxiang Museum .I saw her with a poem and he asked her about .
People because of how. Daiyu: &quot ;natural too hard on him ,just not good .This song is part of ,also have separate .&quot ;all to poem ,saw as :non silver non water Ying window cold ,look at the sky guard plate swab .
Subtle fragrance of plum to dyeing ,silk willow dewy work first .Only suspected residual powder coated gold brick ,like a light cream jade bar. Wake up by the west ,Yu Rong probably curtain .
She laughed :&quot ;unlike Yin month ,month under a l add word color r word is made ,you see that it is the moon .All right, the original poems from nonsense ,then a few days later on .
&quot ;she died out since for this song ,Listen to say so ,he swept the Hing ,refused to throw away, will be thinking. Because of his sisters laughing ,then own to pre-order bamboo walk, dug heart of bile ,ear not to attend, Mububieshi .
Tanchun smiled and said :a window of &quot ;Ling girl ,you idle . &quot ;she only replied: &quot ;l to R words are fifteen delete ,you rhyme .&quot ;listening to people ,don laughed .
She said: &quot ;it is the poetry fiend .Are the lucky star that leads him! &quot ;Daiyu: &quot ;L R sage said ,be tireless in teaching others again ,he asked me to ,I can not say .
&quot ;she laughed :&quot ;we pulled him to the four girls room ,led him to see the pictures, ask him to awaken it. &quot ;said, really pulled him out of lotus champs ,to warm sweet dock .
Xichun is weary ,in bed with crooked nap ,Zeng Li on the wall painting ,with a mantle .They awaken the Xichun ,exposing the yarn to see, ten stop is a three stop .She saw painted on several beauty ,by pointing to laugh: &quot ;this one of our girls ,which is a forest girl .
&quot ;Tanchun smilled :&quot ;where will poetry are painted on it, quick to learn . &quot ;then, joke again. Their scattered, one full heart still want to poetry to night lights .
A God to go to bed after midnight ,lying down ,two widows widows ,until he was hazy sleep .At dawn ,she woke up ,listening to a stable ,he slept ,heart think: &quot ;he was the night ,do not know can be made ?Now tired ,and do not call him .
&quot ;was thinking ,just listen to the one from the dream smile: &quot ;but ,is this a bad still? &quot ;she heard ,it is regrettable ,and ridiculous, he woke him, and asked him: &quot ;what ?You sincerely passed the immortal .
Can poetry ,but also sick to .&quot ;said ,a toilet ,in conjunction with the sisters to the lady Dowager to. The original one bitter ethnographic poetry ,essence and Prudential poly ,daytime do not suddenly had a dream ,in eight sentences .
Toilet has ended, he was busy ,he and not to know good from bad ,he used to find her .Just to Qin Fang Ting ,and she and the sister party from Lady Wang came back ,she is told them that his dream poetry somniloquy.
Everyone is laughing ,looked up and saw him coming ,they competed for the poem .She saw the people are joking say ,he had welcome to laugh: &quot ;you see this one. If so ,I will also learn ,if is not good ,I die this poem heart .
&quot ;then, the poem and give away The jade and the people ,he wrote :essence is to mask material should be difficult, since the shadow soul from cold .An anvil on thousands of miles white ,half round chicken singing that residues.
Green backed Jiang Shangqiu Wen Di ,tea building head Night leaning against the railing .Should I win the goddess in the moon ,did not make a permanent reunion !All the smile: &quot ;it not only good ,but his interesting.
That saying l nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to . R ,they will ask you .&quot ;she listen to the heart of unbelief ,material are they hiding his word ,also can ask her her .

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